Puerto Mazarron & Bolnuevo

The following photo was taken at Bolnuevo – Just along the coast from Puerto Mazarron.

Bolnuevo - Learn Spanish

I really like Puerto Mazarron & Bolnuevo – this video is a slide show of some of the scenes around the area.

A montage of pictures around Puerto Mazarron & Bolnuevo set to calming Spanish Guitar Music.

Although the waiters in restaurants of Puerto Mazarron & Bolnuevo are a lot more ‘english speaking friendly’ , compared to say 10 years ago, it still does pay to have a grasp of Spanish – at least the Basics before you go.

Spanish Finger Blue Background

To get far more from your trip to Puerto Mazarron & Bolnuevo – be prepared with a good foundation level of Spanish! To find out more about a multi award-winning Learn Spanish course that you can learn at home (or anywhere your laptop can go) and at your own pace

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